45 / 2A3 Amplifier . Chile . 

Dr Joaquin system

This is my main sytem . I like valve amplifiers . Ill prefer S.E.T matched with some good speakers than PP or SS amplifiers . This is a personal choice , doesnLt mean the only way , but it is a nice option . 

Main system :

45 / 2A3 ATACAMA custom made amplifier .

Audio Aero Prima DAC ( Using same DAC as Audio Aero Capitole ) but
transport here ( Analog inputs can be used for SACD ) Audio Aero
Capitole was in my system too , Ive changed the caps to V-Caps Teflon
and tubes to Sylvania sound is very analog on both . Maybe ill try
Auio Note Oil or Silver caps in the near future . Mac mini as
transport via TOS .
There was a famous 300B monoblocks on my system too , Ive found 2A3
and 45 clearly a superior valve . 2A3 on this system is getting more
sound than 8 watts 300B , and 45 RCA Ive found the same or more power
than 2A3 B . However 300B its a nice valve too , but 2A3 is more a
"musical valve" and has more balance on it .
I'm prefering non NFB configuration ( switch selectable ) and 2A3 GD
makes a very good choice , better than a 300B that was rated over new
model of famous W.E 300B .
Driver tubes EF86 are a very nice option , Ill used expensive 6SN7
Military KenRad version before . But found that EF86 matched with the
rest of the Atacama amplifer sounds much better now .
Volume is at 1 o_clock , but more than enough even if you like classic
or soft rock .
NFB switch its good to select different speakers . But you need
sensible drivers to make the ride .

What im I doing right now ?

Building S.E.T compatible pair of speakers here !!
Building cabinet prototype for modified Altec 19 is here !!
Choosing the sound : Oil capacitator or Film ? here !!


This web site since 22nd Feb 2010 Vina del Mar Chile . This Website also is a subdomain thanks to Lagarto . 

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